Membrane Query and Annotation


Membrane proteins in the PDB have been identified and annotated to provide improved query and reporting options.

Users can quickly find all annotated membrane proteins in the PDB by entering "membrane protein" in the top bar simple search and selecting the "Retrieve Membrane Proteins" option. 

The Membrane Protein Browser and the Membrane Proteins drill-down tool from the home page and search results can be used to investigate specific membrane protein classifications and access the corresponding structures.

Membrane protein annotations for each entry appear in the Search Results and individual Structure Summary pages (example: 2rh1).

Transmembrane proteins in the PDB are identified using the mpstruc database (Stephen White, UC Irvine), sequence clustering, and data derived from UniProt. Details are available

Explore Membrane Protein Classifications using the drill-down tool from the home page (shown) or search results.

Potassium channel (PDB ID 3lut) as shown in our Molecular Machinery interactive viewer.

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