Use the Top Bar Suggestion Box for Quick and Precise Searching


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Top Bar Suggestion Box.

The top search bar has been redesigned to help users easily and intuitively create precise searches.

Typing in the top search bar displays an interactive pop-up box with suggestions of common PDB search terms, organized in different categories. This autocomplete feature makes suggestions based on even a few letters.

These categories return more precise results than simple text searches. For example, entering the word human presents several options organized by category (such as Molecule Name, Author, Organism). Suggestions include the number of results and link to the set of matching structures. Results for Organism Homo sapiens (human) will not include entries of author Human, J.

The redesigned top search can be also be limited to quick searches on Author, Macromolecule name, Sequence, or Ligand by selecting the related icon.

The order of results of a PDB text search or a sequence search is now based on the relevance of the term (for a text search) or the alignment score (for a sequence search). Search results can be further refined using Advanced Search or by drilling down through the pie charts organized by major categories.

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